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15 Top Lightweight Campers Under 3,000 lbs.

An old lightweight camper parked under a tree.

Most people love to find themselves camping under the stars enjoying the fresh air. The only thing that makes that better is being able to get in your own camper and go where you want whenever you want. I remember when I was a kid, and my friends would talk about taking road trips with family, and I thought it sounded like the worst possible trip ever.

Now that I am older with my own children, I realize how wonderful those trips must have been. There is a lot to learn about lightweight campers before you make your final decisions. Continue reading this article to find out everything you need to know about the top lightweight campers under 3000 lbs.

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What are Lightweight Campers?

A lightweight camper is one the weighs in just slightly under 3,000 pounds. This means they are easier to move, tow, and fit into a smaller campsite. A lightweight camper gives you the best gas mileage while on the move but gives you versatility and comfort.

While a lightweight trailer frees you from the heavy load of larger trailers, you can take some of the off-road. You want a trailer the gives you all the conveniences you want, even in the small space. You want a small camper that offers you floorplan options for spacious living and sleeping. You want plenty of options for upgrades with many features.

Top Lightweight Campers

Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer

Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer parked at a camping site with a red truck.

The Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer is a tent trailer, which closes up to a small trailer. The bunks for sleeping pop out and the ceiling pops up when you are ready to set up for camping. Since it is a tent trailer, it is incredibly lightweight as it has a dry weight that comes in under 2,400 pounds. The largest floor plan option has a gross vehicle weight of around 3,375 pounds.

The Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer has fewer blind spots while driving because there is not anything to restrict the view in your rearview mirror. No matter which option you select, you have a convertible dinette, galley kitchen, pop-out sleeping areas, and various storage options.

The frame on this camper has a frame that resists corrosion. The roof is constructed of one piece of fiberglass that prevents leaks and has superior runoff. It includes vinyl windows that are tinted and include mesh screens. The camper includes privacy curtains for the bunk areas.


  • Four-floor plans from which to pick.
  • Affordable price tag.


  • There is no bathroom, except on the highest level model.

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD Travel Trailer

The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD Travel Trailer has a dry weight of just under 2,900 pounds but has the capacity to carry another 1,000 pounds between people, cargo, and liquids. It is 20 feet long. The Forest River Flagstaff gives you the maximum amount of storage in the smallest space. There is additional storage under the wardrobe in the front of the trailer.

The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD Travel Trailer offers a queen bed that is a sofa when not a Murphy bed. The mattress is heated for additional comfort and versatility. The dinette converts into additional sleeping for an adult and children. It includes large kitchen and bathroom facilities. The Forest River has a water filtration system, gas oven, burner cooktop, and convection microwave oven. It also has a water heater with a quick recovery system.


  • It includes a linen closet.
  • Includes outdoor perks, including an awning and gas griddle.
  • Include a solar panel on the roof.


  • The solar panel may not offer enough juice to go completely off the grid.

Scamp 13′ Standard Light Weight Travel Trailer

A red and white small camping trailer parked at a camping ground by the forest.

The Scamp 13′ Standard Light Weight Travel Trailer is tiny but packs a big punch with storage and compartments. It is compact and lightweight. The 13′ Scamp is ideal for couples or small families. It offers two different option layouts. Both layouts provide you a dinette and one main bed. The options either give you a sleeping area with two bunks in the front or a bathroom with a shower and toilet and an additional closet.

The 13′ Scamp gives you an abundance of storage, including closets and compartments under the seats. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, propane stove, sink, and galley storage. It is constructed of fiberglass and has superior insulation. It has a frame that is made of 11 gauge steel.

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  • Screened windows open with a crank.
  • Additional outlets and lights are available.


  • Does not always come with a bathroom.

United RV iCamp Elite Camper

The United RV iCamp Elite Camper is a cute compact camper that comes in under 2,4000 pounds at a dry weight and has a gross vehicle weight (GVWR) that still keeps it under 3,000. The camper body is completely laminated and reinforced with aluminum tubing to keep it durable and light. The outside is high gloss fiberglass. The flooring is a four-layer laminate giving you additional insulation as well as decorative flair.

The United RV iCamp Elite Camper only offers a one-floor plan but does have a digital audiovisual system upgrade available. This small camper trailer makes the most of the compact space with curved furniture and a convertible living area.

You have a living area in the day and a sleeping space at night. It has a fully equipped kitchen that includes a fridge, stainless sink, cooktop with two burners, and overhead storage and storage below. The cabinets, including an overhead cabinet, are finished in a semi-gloss to provide extra durability and to match the retro feel of this camper.


  • Handles on the front to help you pull it into place.
  • Includes a fiberglass modular bathroom.


  • Not everyone will like the retro design and wallpaper

Barefoot Caravans Travel Trailer

The Barefoot Caravans Travel Trailer is a company that is based in Great Britain but ships its trailers to the United States. These are unique trailers that have a design you are not likely to find anywhere else. These trailers are built by hand with a chassis that is designed specifically for lightweight but quality construction.

The curved body makes it more aerodynamic but does not compromise style. The floor plan of the Barefoot Caravans Trailer is open and flows well. This trailer comes equipped with all the conveniences of the home, including a curved bathroom and galley kitchen.

In addition to the refrigerator, sink, and stovetop, the kitchen provides an oak countertop for prep work. The living area easily converts to a large bed for sleeping comfort at night. The trailer provides significant lighting with LED, ceiling, and reading lights. It has a substantial heating and hot water system and the windows have blinds and screens.


  • Available in many interior and exterior color options.
  • Complete electrical system with plenty of outlets


  • Created in the British style, which may not appeal to all.

Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Small Travel Trailer

The Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Small Travel Trailer gives you the best of luxury in a compact space. This trailer is a middle-of-the-road trailer when it comes to cost and space options. It is lightweight and versatile.

It has a dry weight of just under 2,000 pounds and a GVWR of close to 3,500 pounds. The trailer is constructed of a two-piece shell of fiberglass. It has a steel frame for durability and premium insulation. It contains fiberglass furniture that is lightweight.

This trailer includes two dinette tables which convert to sleeping spaces to provide sleeping for as many as six people. It provides a large picture window that is screened to give you ventilation and a great view.

The Deluxe model includes a bathroom with a ventilation system that provides mesh windows and a fan vent. The fully equipped kitchen consists of a three-burner cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. It has a large comfortable area for dining and sitting.


  • Many upgrade options to provide additional versatility.
  • It has two models and various floor plans.


  • The standard version does not include a bathroom.

Happier Camper HC1

The Happier Camper HC1 is completely equipped to meet all your needs despite its compact size. It has a shell of fiberglass that has an insulated double hull. It offers versatility and flexibility. It has a dry weight of around 1,100 pounds but can hold and carry as much as 3,500 pounds once it is loaded with people and cargo. You can use just about any type of tow vehicle to move the Happier Camper.

The Happier Camper is customizable. The panels on the floor have tie-downs and tables that are modular that can be easily rearranged. Every component of this camper has material that is durable and can move, making it ideal for helping you live flexibly. The cushioned bench is convertible to a bed. There are a convertible couch and bunk bed, a tabletop that nests, a standard kitchenette, and a toilet.


  • The interior is highly configurable for whatever you need to have.
  • Includes storage cubes that are stackable.


  • The modular ability may not fit the needs of all campers.

Taxa Cricket Pop-up Roof Camper

The Taxa Cricket Pop-up Roof Camper is modular and has a construction that is aerodynamic. The Taxa Cricket is a functional camper that is flexible and great for couples and families. The panels of this camper are constructed of an aluminum composite. It is lightweight as it can only handle a capacity of 2,500 pounds when fully packed. It is so light that even a four-cylinder vehicle.

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It has a full-size bed with storage under it. It has a cafe table with bench seats that are convertible. This camper includes a refrigerator, stove, and sink. It includes an awning and swing windows with shades and mesh screens. The swing option gives you the ability to open your panoramic windows to give you a wide-open view. They are 32 inches by 20 inches large and completely insulated.


  • Includes a shower outside that provides hot and cold.
  • It has a pop-up roof to give maximum ventilation.


  • Does not have an interior toilet or shower.

Lance 1575 Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailer

The Lance 1575 Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailer offers skylights and large windows. The windows help the trailer feel bigger than it is. The trailer is constructed of aluminum and contains foam insulation. It has a roof that is tapered. It uses Azdel engineering, providing durability while keeping the weight down. Even when all the features, this trailer has a dry weight of 2,775 pounds.

The Lance 1575 has a beautiful interior with countertops, a table, and glazed cabinets. It has a dinette that slides out of the way when not in use. The kitchen is fully equipped to meet all your needs.

It includes a cooktop, refrigerator, range hood with light and fan, and sink complete with sprayer and cover. The cabinets have accent lighting to add a nice touch to the interior space. The bed comes with a comfortable queen-size pillow top mattress. This trailer includes a bathroom with a shower and toilet.


  • Completely redesigned interior.
  • The entire trailer is customizable.


  • Will not sleep more than four people.

KZ Spree Escape Mini Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailer

The KZ Spree Escape Mini Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailer gives you the best capability of an RV, but without the need to worry about towing a heavy load. This trailer has a dry weight of 2,800 pounds and a maximum GVWR capacity of 3,500 pounds. You can still enjoy all the flexibility and comfort of ultimate features without creating a heavy load.

There are four-floor plans available, each one offering different options and different sized bathrooms. It contains rustic cabinets that are Amish crafted and maple. They have cabinet doors with modern handles. Despite the dining table being convertible, it provides a large table area with large windows for an extra-wide view.

The windows are tinted and come with shades for additional privacy. The awning is operated by power for ease of use. This trailer has all the feels of home, including a skylight in the bathroom. The kitchen has a refrigerator, convection microwave, pantry, and gas cooktop.


  • Offers many floor plans with several design options.
  • You can select a larger bathroom.


  • The shower design lends itself to leaking.

Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

This is a silver airstream camper trailer parked at a camping site.

Airstream is a name you can trust when it comes to travel trailers, and the Airstream Sport Travel Trailer is no exception. It has a sleek yet functional design. The Airstream Sport is the most compact of their travel trailers, giving you the best of Airstream in a lighter and smaller design. Its dry weight is 2,860 pounds. The Airstream Sport has an aluminum construction that is treated with fluorocarbon for enhanced UV protection.

It offers two different floor plans. The Airstream Sport has dedicated space for sleeping and a dinette that converts for extra sleeping space. The bed has a memory foam pillow top mattress. The seating is an ultra-leather material giving you the best quality. It also includes a bathroom inside and a functional kitchen. It has plenty of well-placed 110V outlets and USB ports.

The Airstream Sport is the perfect motorhome because offers you a remarkable about of storage and flexibility. Airstreams do require a bit of maintenance, including polishing before you take them on the road.


  • Includes a retractable awning.
  • Has overhead lockers for extra storage space.


  • Hefty price tag.

Taxa Mantis Trek Camper

The Taxa Mantis Trek Camper is about 19 feet long and has a dry weight of fewer than 3,000 pounds. It is constructed of an aluminum composite that is painted with Kynar. It has a steel frame that is laser-cut powder coated. The windows are acrylic and insulated with shades and screens. The living area has lounge-style searing with storage under it. It transforms into a full-size bed when it is time to sleep.

The Taxa Mantis provides two bunks in the front to give more sleeping options. It has a rooftop tent that increases the room for sleeping to six people. The Taxa Mantis gives you outlets outside, as well as inside, the trailer. The kitchen is a birch wood with a sink, refrigerator, burner stove combination, and a system for hot water. It has a wet bath and toilet inside and an outside shower with cold and hot water.


  • It has a hatch on the rear door for ventilation and access.
  • It includes an 8-foot awning for a patio outside.


  • Large price tag.

Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

The Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB is a little less than 20 feet on the outside. It has an interior height of 6 feet 6 inches. It has a bathroom in the back of the trailer that provides a standard toilet, mirrored closet, another storage closet, and a corner shower. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, a two-burner range stove combination, and a convection microwave.

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The Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB has an oversized Murphy bed that opens up across the sofa. It does have a stowaway table that is two by 4. It has a significant amount of storage with the drawers and pantry in the kitchen and storage in the back of the trailer.

Jayco has a new warranty that gives you three years of protection for all structural aspects, like floor, walls, and roof. This warranty is in addition to its two-year limited warranty.


  • Goodyear radial tires are standard.
  • Includes a power awning with remote-controlled lights.


  • It does not have a dinette.

Aliner Great Ascape Plus

Aliner has been around for over 40 years and considers itself to be one of the first A-frame trailers available. The company wanted a pop-up camper that was light enough to tow by any vehicle. Their first camper was towed by a station wagon. While the Aliner Great Ascape Plus is not an A-frame, it is built with that same theory in mind. It looks more like a teardrop trailer than an A-frame.

This compact little trailer is an incredibly functional interior. The dining area comes complete with a table that rotates. It provides enough seating for four people. There is a flat-screen television with storage space on either side. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, microwave, and two burner range, and vent hood. It has a cassette toilet and an outdoor shower.

The dining area converts to a sleeping space. You can have one 77 by 72 bed, leave the dinette down, and have two single beds. It includes a solar panel on the front and an awning on the back. The awning provides a shaded patio area as well as shading for the back entry.


  • Eight Ascape models from which to choose.
  • Includes an electric water pump.


  • It does not have an indoor shower.

Safari Condo Alto R1713

The Safari Condo Alto R1713 has been modeled after aircraft and intended to be durable, light, and aerodynamic. The Safari Condo has a low center of gravity, and in combination with the Flexiride suspension, is stable.

The construction has a core of plastic honeycomb, which is surrounded by aluminum for strength and lightweight material. The Safari Condo offers a retractable roof that exposes glass that is tempered and tinted, giving those inside the feeling of a treehouse, mostly because it is combined with many large windows.

The back of the trailer boasts a king-size bed that may also be converted into two singles. The dinette table seats two and is situated at the front of the trailer but can be moved to accommodate five people. The dinette converts to a bed also. The galley kitchen has a microwave, two-burner flush stove, refrigerator, and cabinetry.


  • Incredibly customizable features.
  • The exterior shower may be upgraded to a wet bath.


  • The toilet is fixed in a cabinet instead of a traditional style bathroom.


What is the Lightest A Frame Camper?

Aliner makes the lightest, most sustainable, and innovative A frame campers that you can buy. They have eleven different model options available. They come with many different features and various sizes. No matter how many people you want to travel with, Aliner makes a camper for you. The lightest model they have is 1,590 pounds.

Which is the Best Travel Trailer Under 3000 lbs?

The best travel trailer under 3,000 pounds is the Forest River R-Pod travel trailer. This is a small but mighty travel trailer that has a steel frame and two-tone fiberglass making it incredibly durable. There are various floor plans, up to nine, that can give you the maximum number of sleepers in your trailer. Even when you max out the features, the travel trailer still stays under 3,000 pounds.

What Brand of Travel Trailer Has the Best Reviews?

Airstream is one of the best brands of travel trailers. They have been in operation since the 1930s. They have committed themselves to construct durable and lightweight travel trailers. They wanted their travel trailers to be pulled by any vehicle, so they made sure that their trailers remained lightweight.

What is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR?

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum amount of total weight that is safe for your vehicle. This includes the weight of the travel trailer itself plus the weight of all the people, fuel, and all accessories added to the trailer. If you go over the GVWR, then you can get a ticket. It is dangerous if you exceed the GVWR of your travel trailer. It is important to know the GVWR of your travel trailer.

What is Dry Weight For a Travel Trailer?

The dry weight of a travel trailer is the average weight of your trailer when it leaves the factory. This is the weight of the trailer with all the items that are in the travel trailer. This is before you add fuel, passengers, or your gear. This is not the maximum weight that your travel trailer can carry safely.