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10 of the Best Teardrop Camper Plans

Camping near the mountains with a teardrop camper.

Summer is here which means it is time to go camping. One of the best ways to look for an adventure is with the help of a teardrop camper trailer.

A teardrop trailer is a small and lightweight camper, typically 4 to 6 ft wide and 8 to 10 ft long. It features relatively large wheels that are positioned outside the camper’s body. The vehicle usually weighs less than 1,000 lbs so it is not difficult for just about any four-wheel vehicle to tow it behind without guzzling fuel.

A teardrop trailer generally features a small space where two people can sleep and store their clothes and other objects. A small cooking area is situated in the rear. Teardrop trailers have electricity powered by a storage battery though some also come up with main power hookups.

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History of Teardrop Trailers

Teardrop trailers first came into being during the 1930s and became very popular during the mid-1940s, after the Second World War. The lightweight trailer could easily be pulled by a car with an engine under 100 horsepower and in some cases, even a motorcycle.

Throughout the 1950s, the teardrop trailer remained very popular, likely because DIY builders wanted to try their hand at creating teardrop trailers at their home after “Popular Mechanics” magazine published the camper plans in their new editions. These plans mainly taught how to make teardrop trailer of woods.

These days, most teardrop trailers are built on custom-made steel trailers.

The popularity of the teardrop trailers began to dwindle by the late 50s since people wanted bigger and better capers for their large families. However, by the 1990s, the teardrop campers were back in style.

Types of Teardrop Campers

Those who love camping know that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of campers out there. However, the teardrop camper remains one of the most iconic camping trailers.

Today, we will help you find teardrop campers with the best plans and blueprints which maximize the available space. Take a look at the companies which make the best campers:

Polydrop Trailer Polydrop Trailer

The Polydrop Trailer is a brand new trailer company that offers a unique, futuristic-looking teardrop inspired by spaceship. Looking like something out of “Star Trek,” the founder of Polydrop Trailer claims it is an escape capsule that can help you leave your boring old life behind. Such a beautiful concept and the design does not disappoint either.

The Polydrop Trailer incorporates skinned aluminum and wood to create its ultra-modern look. The material gives it a very lightweight dry weight of 760 lbs. It only has an 80 lbs tongue weight which means it is light enough to maneuver in place even when not hitched to your car.

Polydrop Trailer blueprint

You can access the inside of the trailer with the help of strut-assisted butterfly doors. The cabin design is minimalistic and simple with woody walls and comes equipped with a 48 by a 75-inch mattress. The pale gold wooden walls give off a Scandinavian vibe and the insulated camper comes with a roof vent, leather trim and LED lights. Although it does not have a whole lot of storage space, the three small cubby spaces are enough to do a good job.

Timberleaf TrailersTimberleaf Trailer

If you are looking for a teardrop trailer, take a look at Timberleaf Trailers that bring you the Classic Timberleaf and more recently, the Timberleaf Pika.

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The Timberleaf Pika is named after the American Pika, a small impossibly cute rabbit that flourishes in the rugged tundra of the Rocky Mountains. The Timberleaf Pika Teardrop Trailer is about one-third smaller than the Timberleaf Classic version and consists of a 54×96 inch frame. Even though space may seem tiny, the interior is still enough for two people to sleep comfortably and you have the option to upgrade it to an all-terrain package.Timberleaf Trailer in red

Inside, the trailer is equipped with a multi-speed fan, LED lights, cargo-net storage, and a dual USB port. Though it may be smaller, it certainly isn’t cramped and comes with two extra sliding windows and a dual access door.

At just 1,025 lbs, the Timberleaf Pika can be towed easily by most vehicles. The cute looking teardrop campers come in a variety of colorways including red, yellow and orange.

Little Guy TrailersInterior of Little Guy Max Trailer

The Little Guy Trailers was formed in 2002 by a pair of brothers who were looking to resurrect the retro teardrop campers back to the masses. Their Little Guy Max is now considered to be the ultimate teardrop camper.

The beautifully-designed camper is like a little house on wheels, equipped with a queen-sized bedroom and a compact and clean bathroom. At 3,140 lbs, the Little Guy Max is fitted with several luxury features that will give you all the comforts of your home.

The curved lines of the trailer boast of a 6 ft, 7 inches of inside height. Three people can easily sleep inside the interior which boast a queen-sized bed and a dinette-cum-bed. Decorated with 100 percent hardwood cabinetry made of dark walnut or light maple, the Little Guy Max also contains a decent-sized kitchenette with a fridge, microwave oven, a two-stove burner, a sink, and a floor-to-ceiling pantry.Little Guy Trailer floor plan

The camper also comes with a stereo system, two TVs and LED reading lights. Cubbies are tucked smartly into available space throughout the trailer.

To view more pictures, check out their amazing gallery here.

Vintage OverlandVintage Overland

The great thing about Vintage Overland campers is that all its trailers are hand-crafted and custom-designed according to the buyers’ specifications. This means that you will not find two teardrop campers that are exactly the same.

The company boasts three different models and two different sizes of teardrop campers

Although it offers a few different types of caravans, The Great Escape caravans are one of its best buys. The teardrop features a streamlined, smooth and functional design.The interior of a Vintage Overland camper

The interior of the camper features Baltic birch wood and has enough room for two adults to sleep easily. The exterior is made from anodized aluminum and a welded steel frame. Because of its customized features, the possibilities are endless. If you want a retro vibe, this camper should definitely be on your list.

The hatch at the back of the camper opens up to reveal a kitchenette and a storage space, which allows you to keep your camping gear away from your sleeping space. If you have bought the largest version, it will come equipped with a queen-sized memory foam mattress, a bug screen and a writing desk that you can pull out.

Forest RiverForest River

Forest River was created in 1996 to help people experience the joys of the outdoors by creating better vehicles. Now, they have become one of the biggest RV manufacturers in North America. Whether you want huge trailers or tiny pods, Forest River has everything for every family.

One of their best-selling vehicles is the R-Pod, a tiny teardrop camper which is the first of its kind to offer luxury at the lowest cost. With its unique and innovative shape, the R-Pod is a beautiful camper that is worth looking.Forest River camper floor plans


The best part is that the teardrop campers come in several different versions with different interiors. A queen-sized bed is always the standard though. You will also have the choice of having bunks.

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The floor plan choices are so many, and you will definitely find more than one that fits your needs.

Tiny CamperTiny Camper

The Lithuania-based company Tiny Camper started just like any other camping trailer company: the desire to introduce other people to the great outdoors. However, the camper trailers evolved into not just something you take a long while camping in the wild but a home-on-wheels that can travel without when you are journeying by road across the world.

Tiny Camper offers two different teardrop campers, but what’s so great about the design is that they do not mimic the boring old stale designs of some American campers. Instead, the exterior is beautifully illustrated with gorgeous paintings that invoke nature.The interior of a Tiny Camper

The Tearcuby camper weighs 1,410 lbs and is equipped with a queen-sized bed for two people and a child-sized bunk. The Mini camper weighs 1,410 lbs and is a smaller version of the Tearcuby. This one offers sleeping space for two grown people with lots of storage space above.

The Tiny Camper trailers are made from Baltic birch wood and feature panoramic windows and huge round doors that remind you of a hobbit’s home.

Although Tiny Campers do not have a branch in the United States, it can ship campers for an extra fee. The campers also come with a DIY building kit that lets people make their own campers. Although it is a pity that the Tiny Camper is based abroad, check out its gorgeous gallery to see why it needed to be included.

United Recreational Vehicles

The United Recreational Vehicles

The United Recreational Vehicles, LLC offers one of the best teardrop campers in the market.

The teardrop camper, iCamp Elite, is equipped with all the creature comforts of a home, including a bathroom and a shower, despite its tiny size. The cozy little dinette in the camper turns into a bed and it also has a 3-way fridge and an oven. All of these luxuries are very rare for such a tiny micro-camper.The United Recreational Vehicles floor plan

Additionally, it also has a wardrobe, overhead storage spaces, smoke and LP gas detector, hot water heater and powered roof vent. The large glass slider windows have screens to prevent bugs from coming in.

With a weight of 2,890 lbs, it is amazing how much luxuries this little camper is equipped with.

Hutte HutHutte Hut

Hutte Hut offers teardrop trailers like no others. The company explores the idea of mobile living spaces beyond camping. Even their little teardrop trailer and made from premium materials and is designed in a very modern and minimalist design.

The teardrop trailer is made with high-quality light wood and weighs only 900 lbs so it is easy to tow. The look of the exterior is far different from most other campers as it features the beautiful wood on the inside. Even though it seems tiny, the look is deceptive and the teardrop camper offers a lot of airy space inside. The best part is that as it is completely open, it can be customized entirely to your needs.Interior of Hutte Hut

Although the Hutte Hut does not come with an indoor bathroom or shower, you can easily tow along a small portable toilet with it.

Midwest Tear DropsMidwest Teardrops

The Midwest Tear Drops is a company that specializes in making vintage-style teardrop campers, but with a more modern twist. Their teardrop campers are engineered to utilize premium material and modern technology while giving the vehicle an unmatched fit.

Midwest Tear Drops offers you all the benefits of the classic teardrop campers with a sleeping space, lots of shelving, and an external galley kitchen. The galley is big enough to furnish a small cooler or fridge unit. There is also a lot of room inside for two fully-grown people to sleep.Midwest Teardrops storage space

Although not as luxurious as some other campers, the simple style of these campers means you can customize the interiors as much as you want and put in all the little touches of your own home.

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nuCamp RV camper

nuCamp RV manufacturers build the best quality recreational trailers and campers available. Its TAB Teardrop Camper is one of its best-selling campers.

Weighing at 1,826, the TAB Teardrop features a lot of creature comforts that you won’t find in a lot of other models made by competitors. Its interior consists of an indoor kitchen, an area that you can transform into a bed, an entertainment system, including a TV, and 6 feet of headroom. You also get an option to add an AC, a bathroom or an extra cabinet in the space.

nuCamp RV camper floor plans

All TAB models come with a two-stove burner and a 3-way fridge that can run on a 12v battery, shore power or a propane tank. If you decide to get a bathroom, it will come equipped with a toilet, a shower, a mirror, and a window, if you want one. You can even add a vent above the head or an outdoor shower — how innovative is that.The interior of a nuCamp Teardrop Camper

The nuCamp Teardrop Campers come in several different models including the 320U, the 320S, the Boondock Lite and the Boondock Edge. The Boondock Edge and Lite are perfect for off-roading and living off-the-grid.

Why Should You Get a Teardrop Trailer?

As campers go, teardrop campers are super cute. But is that enough of a reason to buy them? Turns out, teardrop campers give you a whole host of benefits when you are out camping.

These campers are stylish and convenient and offer you a very superior upgrade from a simple tent. They also make it easy for you to go back to the root of camping, which used to be all about cooking outdoor meals while watching the stars.

Teardrop campers offer the romance of camping while adding luxury to your camping experience.

If you need any more incentives, here are a few positives that come with teardrop trailers.

Low-Impact Maneuverability

Teardrop campers are very small and light which makes it easy for them to tow. A small car, and in some cases, even a motorcycle can tow these campers. The small design is also eco-friendly as you do not have to expend a lot of fuel to travel with teardrop camera. Additionally, their small size makes them ideal to be parked anywhere.


Though these trailers look very small and compact, they are big on comfort. Most campers are equipped with a sleeping space or a queen-sized bed that is good for two grown adults. There is also a good-sized kitchenette equipped with various necessary appliances like burners and fridge. You can even create a lovely, cozy living room outside with a few portable chairs and table.


Since teardrop campers are so small, they can easily be stored inside your garage or front yard. That means they are ready to go for another adventure any time. You can spend the night camping and just drop it off at home while on your way to work the next morning.


Although there are teardrop campers that can cost over $30K, most campers are way cheaper than your standard RV. If you keep them rustic with no extra air conditioning units, stereo system or TV, they are pretty affordable to buy and maintain. Plus, it is easy enough to install any upgrades yourself.


The best part of teardrop campers is that they are easy enough to build on your own. Anyone with some simple basic carpentry skill can create their very own camper if they don’t like what is being offered on the market.

We hope you liked our top 10 camper companies and the cool teardrop camper plans that they offer. Remember, when buying a teardrop camper, research is the key. Once you know what features a camper can offer you, only then will you be able to make an informed decision.