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10 Different Types of Motorhomes

A row of different types of motorhomes with mountains at a distance.

The motorhome is a type of Recreational Vehicle (RV) that’s self-propelled, unlike an RV trailer which must be towed. It has a built-in engine and full living accommodations that make it a home away from home. It’s therefore also the most expensive type of RV.

So if you want to live on the road and see the world or if you want to bring the comforts of home while vacationing and not have to worry about spending for hotel rooms, then owning a motorhome is your best bet.

But, it’s not so easy choosing which one to get because there are literally 10 different types of motorhomes that you can rent or buy. Here they are.

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Overview Chart

Types of RVs illustration chart

1. Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhome

The first thing that you will want to know when deciding which motorhome is right for you is that there are several different classifications. There are really three basic classifications and one small caveat that adds a sub-category inside of a classification. The first classification is known as class A and motorhomes that fall into this category are the largest. Due to the size of these vehicles and their impressive nature, they are also the most expensive types of motorhomes.

Most people who are looking for a motorhome solution will want to find a more affordable option than the class A motorhomes. These fancy motorhomes are absolutely a joy to own, but the price can wind up being prohibitively expensive. People who are wealthy or have simply saved up a lot of money for retirement will sometimes buy these to use on road trips. It can make traveling a lot more pleasant than it would otherwise be.

Motorhomes of this size allow you to bring all of the comforts of home with you out on the road. This is one of the reasons why motorhomes of this classification have become so popular among touring professionals. Many famous musicians purchase touring motorhomes that fall under this class A motorhome category. They need to be able to stay comfortable while out on tour, and these types of motorhomes work well to provide them with a stable environment.

Professional athletes sometimes use these types of motorhomes as well. They are a bit more common among the wealthy and the famous than they are common people. There are certain common people who own class A motorhomes, it just isn’t something that you are going to see in every neighborhood. The other classifications of motorhomes are far more affordable and some of them can come close to replicating the experience that you get from these fancier motorhomes.

It should be noted that these motorhomes will differ greatly between models. There are many different styles of motorhomes and various brands to choose from. Some of the brands that you will see under this classification have become synonymous with motorhomes in general. The overall look of a motorhome, as well as how it functions, may vary between the brands.

Some class A motorhomes will operate using gasoline and others will wind up using diesel as the primary fuel source. There are even motorhomes that are known as diesel pushers that have a reputation for being powerful motorhomes. When you are in the market for the best of the best, you will want to look for a class A motorhome. They will give you everything that you could want in a motorhome experience.

For instance, living in a class A motorhome can be likened unto living in a small apartment. They are very spacious and offer you many amenities. You will have access to a full kitchen and a bathroom while out on the road. You’ll also be able to sleep on a queen-sized bed or an even larger mattress in the bedroom quarters. It’s easy to see why this type of traveling solution is so popular among those who have the money.

The one thing that you should watch out for when choosing one of these vehicles is the overall size and how hard it can be to drive. These vehicles can be very difficult to get the hang of driving. Some people would feel too nervous driving a large vehicle such as this and may never quite enjoy the experience. Motorhomes in this classification are the most cumbersome to drive due to their size, so if that scares you it may be best to seek out a different type of motorhome.

You don’t need a special license in order to drive class A motorhomes or any of the other motorhomes on this list. They are all seen as normal vehicles that anyone should be able to operate. Even so, they are definitely a bit intimidating for people who have never attempted to drive one. Consider whether you truly need something as fancy as a class A motorhome before moving forward.

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2. Class B Motorhomes

A class B motorhome on the road.

Class B motorhomes are significantly different from the class A motorhomes being spoken about above. The class B motorhomes are a lot more affordable than the class A models, but you will be sacrificing a lot of the convenience. Class B motorhomes are a whole lot smaller than their class A cousins and they only offer limited amenities. If a class A motorhome feels like living in an apartment, then living in a class B motorhome feels like living in a small bedroom.

This doesn’t mean that class B motorhomes are bad in any way. They just can’t compete with the class A motorhomes when it comes to convenience and overall luxury. There are advantages that class B motorhomes have over the class A models. Aside from the much more reasonable prices, these vehicles are also a lot easier to handle.

Driving a class B motorhome won’t feel nearly as scary as driving one of the class A beasts. These class B motorhomes are all reasonably sized and many of them fall into the campervan category. It won’t really feel any different than driving a traditional van down the road. You will feel much more in control of the vehicle and you won’t need to worry about a steep learning curve.

Class B motorhomes are among the most common types that you will see on the road. Many people make use of these motorhomes to go camping or to go on a trip with family. Motorhomes such as this can usually comfortably fit a small group of people. If everyone is going to be sleeping in the motorhome, you will just want to be careful that you don’t take too many people.

Space in these motorhomes is very limited in comparison to the class A models. You won’t be able to bring along six people and expect everyone to be able to sleep comfortably inside of the motorhome. Depending on certain factors, you might be able to get away with fitting a small family inside one of these. Even then you might run into things being a little too cramped.

As long as you go in with the proper expectations, owning a class B motorhome will be a true joy. These motorhomes are very nice and will always be easy to drive. You should be able to sleep up to four people when you go out camping and the gas mileage won’t be too shabby either. It makes sense to start with this type of motorhome if you are on a budget.

3. Class B+ Motorhomes (Microbus)

Class B plus motorhome example

It may seem a little odd for there to be a half-step between class B motorhomes and class C motorhomes. In fact, many people are not even aware that there is such a thing as a class B+ motorhome. This type of vehicle was created in order to fill a gap between class B and class C models. It winds up being somewhere in between both of these types of vehicles in functionality, and for many people, it will be preferable to the normal class B motorhomes.

The first difference between a class B+ and a standard class B motorhome is that the B+ is a bit larger. If you have owned a class B motorhome in the past and wanted it to be bigger, then a class B+ is going to meet your needs. You’ll be able to fit people a little bit more comfortably inside of this vehicle, making it a slightly more desirable option for long road trips. There are also some different amenities offered when compared to the standard class B vehicles.

Many of the class B+ vehicles will include a working shower and some will also have a bathtub. In the standard class B models, there was normally just a small area for washing up. Most of the amenities that you would expect are going to be bigger and better in this vehicle. You will be able to enjoy a larger kitchen, nicer bathrooms, and much more.

Your friends and family will have a bit more room to spread out, too. The interior space is simply bigger than the normal class B models. This makes it simpler to make use of the living space without feeling too cramped. Sleeping areas will be larger as well, making it possible to sleep more comfortably or to potentially add another person to the mix.

Just keep in mind that it isn’t going to be radically larger than the class B models. This is still a motorhome that will work best for a small family and you won’t want to try to cram too many people inside. It might wind up being slightly more expensive than the standard class B models, but it will wind up being worth it if you need the extra space. It really can make camping and road trips more comfortable, so it may be worth the extra money.

4. Class C Motorhomes

A Class C Motorhome parked near a tree.

Class C motorhomes wind up being somewhere between the class A models and class B models in terms of size. These motorhomes are larger than the class B models, but they can’t quite match up to the luxuriousness of the class A motorhomes. Even so, a class C model is much more reasonably priced than many of the class A motorhomes, making it a more practical option for most people. When you want to go camping or take a trip with a large group, it will be very convenient to own one of these class C motorhomes.

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One of the interesting features of a class C motorhome is that there is an overhang area that goes over the top of the cab. This overhead cabin can wind up being really useful for several different reasons. When you need a convenient place to store some extra luggage, the overhead cabin will often be the best place to put it. You can also make use of this area for extra sleeping space.

Kids often enjoy using the overhead cabin as a fun little sleeping spot. It winds up functioning much like a bunk bed would and it is large enough to make sleeping practical. Of course, no one should attempt to sleep in this spot or even sit up in this spot when the vehicle is in motion. You always need to err on the side of caution when driving a motorhome, so ensure that your family understands that they need to keep themselves safe.

Most of the amenities that you will find inside one of the class A motorhomes can also be found in class C motorhomes. You’ll be able to enjoy taking a shower and you can use the kitchen to make meals. It really is a convenient way to travel around the country. People love these motorhomes and can use them to their full potential without any sort of hassle.

One reason why some people choose the class B models over the class C is due to them being so easy to drive. The class C models are not nearly as cumbersome as the large class A motorhomes, but they can still be a bit tricky. Most people are able to get used to driving a class C motorhome after spending some time with it, but the size will make some people uncomfortable. If you want a motorhome that is going to be the easiest to drive, then a class B model will be better for you overall.

A class C motorhome will be perfect for people with larger families who want to be able to travel together. Many people who go on long road trips wind up getting these convenient motorhomes. It makes it a lot more comfortable to be on the road for long periods of time and you won’t need to worry about a hotel. Consider purchasing one of these if you have travel plans or camping plans and you want to include more than four people.

5. Campervan

Retro VW Campervan

A group of friends in a campervan taking shelter under some trees.

New Campervan

New campervan

New interior of campervan

Campervans fall into the class B classification of motorhomes. These are among the most common types of motorhome vehicles that you will see on the market. Many people buy these campervans to use on road trips or to take out camping. There are even people who make the decision to live in their vans all year round.

This may seem like a crazy idea at first, but the trend has become really popular among certain types of young people as of late. Many individuals who are passionate about hobbies such as rock climbing, find living in campervans to be a choice solution to their needs. They are able to take their campervan wherever they need to go and will be able to easily have their supplies available if they see rocks that they wish to climb. Those who aren’t into these types of hobbies may struggle to find the appeal, but a campervan can truly provide someone with a convenient place to live.

Campervans are spacious enough to fit a small group of people. Most people don’t attempt to live in these, but they are regularly used for camping. If you are taking your family on their first camping trip sometime soon, then buying a campervan may be beneficial. A campervan can provide a nice shelter for your family while you are out enjoying nature.

These vehicles are relatively affordable too. Out of all of the motorhome options on the market, buying a campervan is likely to be the most cost-effective. You won’t have to pay an exorbitant sum of money to purchase a nice campervan and it will be very useful to you. The utility of a high-quality campervan cannot be denied and you will love the freedom that owning one of these will give you while out on the road.

The negative aspects of these campervans show themselves when people start to expect too much out of them. These vehicles are too small to fit full kitchens or large bathroom areas. You will need to understand the limitations of this vehicle in order to be fully satisfied with it. Understand what you are purchasing before you move forward and you will be impressed with what a campervan has to offer.

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The overall affordability of a campervan makes it the best option for people who are just starting out with motorhomes. It may have some limitations as far as space goes, but you will get a lot of use out of it. These campervans are easy to drive and they are very practical. You can use it for daily tasks and it will be great for a road trip, so you can buy it with confidence.

6. Diesel Pushers

A Diesel Pusher

Source: RV USA

Diesel pushers are among the most powerful types of motorhomes on the market. One interesting aspect that you should know about these motorhomes is that the engine is located in the back. The way that it is designed allows it to drive down the road powerfully and confidently. This vehicle has a lot of horsepowers and you will love its combination of comfort and speed that it brings to the table.

This falls into the category of class A motorhomes and will definitely be a bit on the expensive side. It isn’t a motorhome that someone will just casually purchase on a whim. These diesel pushers are going to be very costly and you will want to make sure that you really need one before you move forward. The people that purchase these are those who need to live their lives on the road.

During the class A motorhomes section, it was mentioned that many touring musicians purchase class A motorhomes. This is one of the most popular types of motorhomes for famous musicians and other traveling celebrities. When you need to travel on the roads in style and comfort, owning a diesel pusher is going to be the way to go. They are definitely pricey, but they are also very impressive due to the comforts that they can offer.

All of the luxuries that you would expect will be present in a diesel pusher. Sometimes these diesel pushers will be outfitted with many different bunk beds so that everyone who lives in it will have their own personal space. There is usually going to be a lounge area where people can have dinner and some of them will even come equipped with televisions. You can really do a whole lot of interesting things inside of these vehicles.

7. Toterhomes

A Toterhome type of Motorhome


Toterhomes are the absolute most luxurious type of motorhome that you can purchase. Whether or not you will be able to purchase one depends on whether you are very wealthy or not. This toterhomes cost at least half of a million dollars and some of them cost much more than that. They are opulent travel options for rich people that can make driving the roads to seem like a stay in a five-star hotel.

These toterhomes are absolutely huge and you will basically feel like you are living in your home while traveling. It winds up being very convenient for people who are taking long road trips. Everything that you could need while out on the road is included in this motorhome. You’ll be able to enjoy a lavish bathroom and comfortable bedroom areas on one of these homes.

It definitely does seem crazy to own a motorhome that costs more than most people’s actual houses, but it is hard to deny the appeal. For people who want to have the best road trip experience that is possible, a toterhome will be the ultimate vehicle. It can make driving down the expressway seem like the most relaxing experience in the world. People usually outfit these toterhomes with all of the latest technology, so there will be plenty to keep you entertained.

The likelihood that you will ever see one of these out on the road is quite low. Due to the high price of these types of motorhomes, they aren’t very prevalent at all. Even celebrities usually make use of diesel pushers and not these outrageously priced motorhomes. Depending on your needs and your budget, you may be interested in purchasing something such as this. You’ll get one of the best rides possible if you buy a toterhome, but just know that it comes at a steep price.

8. Luxury Motorcoach

rockstar luxury motorcoach

Luxury motorhome interior

Interior luxury motorcoach

A motorcoach is built on the same chassis as a Greyhound bus. Companies specialize in building these “rockstar” motorhomes. I call them “rockstar” motorhomes because rockstars travel show to show in these luxury motorhomes. They’re large, offer pretty much all the comforts of home, are powerful, safe and about the nicest ride you can get on the road.

The downside is they cost a fortune. $500,000 is common; you can spend up to $2 million or even more depending on the features.

9. Unicat

Unicat Motorhome RV

Jasper, Canada – A German-made Unicat recreational vehicle on an international tour parked on the main street in the town of Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Unicats are made to withstand driving in the world’s toughest climates and conditions, yet are well appointed inside. Prices range from several hundred thousand to well over one million dollars.

10. Converted Bus

Old bus converted into a motorhome

With some effort a few bucks you can buy an old bus, even an old school bus and convert it into a motorhome. I toured a few once and they were amazing.