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11 Different Types of RV Windows

A wide RV window with lake view.

Any RV enthusiast will tell you that the struggle of being distracted by a powerful engine or flash interior is real when in the market for a new vehicle. With so many new and interesting features with the launch of new models, the last thing on your mind is likely the windows.

However, windows are a critical aspect of all RVs. High-quality windows create a better RVing experience, deliver improved insulation, and ultimately save you money on heating by trapping the temperature inside the vehicle.

The good news is you can replace the old windows on your RV for new models, without needing to replace the entire vehicle. To learn more about the different RV window types, keep reading!

RV Window Types

Numerous RV window types are available to owners in single and double pane construction, depending on the functional purpose of the window. These include:

1. Breathtaking Bay

Bay windows are a single picture window in the middle with two smaller windows on each side. Although bay windows can offer a breathtaking view from the RV, they are uncommon.

Located at the end of the vehicle, bay windows help the RV to feel more open and spacious. This is especially important when traveling with several family members for longer periods.

2. Characteristic Crank Windows

RV crank window.

Called by many names, including louver, jalousie, torque, and awning, crank RV windows are available in single and multiple panel constructions. These windows work on a hinge mechanism that allows them to open outward by simply turning a handle until the desired openness is met.

Previously, this RV window type didn’t have a quality seal to help keep warm air in, so they weren’t suitable for year-round camping. However, with improved engineering and technology, crank windows have become a popular and excellent option.

This RV window type is easy to clean, delivers excellent ventilation, and offers great airflow in rainy weather without allowing the rain to enter the vehicle.

3. Dramatic Double Pane

Double pane windows offer an extra layer of glass for a dramatic amount of insulation. You can find almost any RV window on the market in a double-pane construction.

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While this window type is heavier and costs more money, it provides amazing insulation from sound, wind, cold, and hot weather, thus lowering air conditioning and heating costs. Furthermore, given the dual-glass construction, double pane RV windows deliver excellent security regarding break-ins.

4. Excellent Egress

RV emergency exit window.

Also known as exit windows, egress models are for the inhabitants to be able to escape in a hurry. These window types are emergency exits and open the entire way. Each egress window features a red-painted quick-release latch that holds it shut.

In addition to being an extra safety feature in your RV, egress windows provide an extra source of light since they open all the way, and a wide variety of options are available to suit any requirements.

5. Famous Frameless

Despite being a newer design that utilizes a single glass piece in the construction, frameless RV windows are already famous for their aesthetically-pleasing appearance, UV protection, and rain protection when open.

As the name suggests, frameless RV windows present a seamless look due to the frame-free design. These RV windows were engineered to tilt open from the bottom due to the hidden hinge at the top, but cannot be opened completely, hence the rain protection when ajar.

They also offer maximum ventilation when opened, even during inclement weather.

6. Quality Concession

RV concession serving window.

Also called serving windows, concession windows are uncommon in stock RV models since they are significantly larger than traditional windows and boast a retractable external awning.

While concession windows are more common in food trucks, they can be added to RVs for extra outdoor protection from the elements. A wide range of concession window options are available, and this type adds a nice touch of differentiation to your vehicle.

7. Popular Picture

Although picture windows do not have ventilation, they are a popular choice because of their low cost, excellent outdoor views, and natural light offerings. Picture windows sit in a large, fixed pane that doesn’t open. In the summer, you typically want windows that open to allow for airflow.

However, in the colder months, having a fixed window like this can trap the heat, thus providing excellent insulation and saving your money. Many RV owners opt to add blinds to picture windows to keep the hot sun’s rays out during the summer.

8. Radical Radius Frame

Radius frame RV windows are different from other versions on this list in that they have rounded corners, which allows for the window to last longer. Broken frames are also easier to replace, due to this design, without having to install a new window.

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Furthermore, the rounded corners are much safer for users when the window is open. Radius frame RV windows are the most commonly shaped within RV models and come in numerous dimensions to give you a choice of airflow.

9. Sleek Sliding Windows

ToughGrade Horizontal Sliding Black RV Window 24" X 15" X 1 1/2" Includes Mounting Ring and Screen

As the name indicates, these sleek sliding windows are constructed to slide open. Some models only allow the windows to open in a single direction, while others can slide either way.

Three types of sliding RV windows exist T-, vertical, and horizontal sliders. T-sliders combine a sliding window on top of a fixed pane window.

Their horizontal cousins slide left to right while vertical types move up and down. The primary advantages of sliding windows are ease of use, durability, and affordability.

10. Sexy Single Pane

The double pane window’s little brother, single-pane windows, are just a single panel of glass. Just like a double pane, the single pane construction is available in almost all RV window styles.

RV owners like the single pane type because it is affordable and let in the beautiful sounds of nature. Since they are available across all styles, you can use them to make the RV sleeker and sexier, while still offering functionality.

11. Traditional Tempered

E EZEXPREZE RV Window Aluminum Alloy Round Corner Acrylic Insulation Glass, 20" W x 12" H,Black

Tempered glass is treated with chemicals to improve its strength and durability while ensuring no shards of glass appear when broken.

Instead, the glass crumbles into cubes, which provides the highest level of safety for RV windows. Like in automobile windshields, tempered glass is becoming more common on all RV window types.


Can you upgrade RV windows?

One of the best aspects of RV windows is that they can easily be removed for new models. That means you don’t need to live with the single pane glass, tinting, or window style that’s currently installed in your vehicle.

You can select any style, in a design or tint level you want, and upgrade the construction to deliver better insulation, functionality, or more natural light or airflow.

Why are many modern RV windows round?

In addition to offering superior ventilation since they are more aerodynamic, windows with rounded corners have a lower chance of leaking during inclement weather. This makes rounded windows a popular option with RV owners.

How thick are typical RV windows?

A man installing window in RV.

Single pane glass windows have a thickness of around 1-1/4-inches, while double pane windows have double the thickness at 2-1/2-inches.

How do you size an RV window?

The best process for sizing up an RV window begins by measuring the opening in the RV wall. Never compare the dimensions of the new window with those of the old, since they aren’t supposed to be similar, especially with newer materials, construction, styles, and tighter tolerances.

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Always remember to measure the length and width of the window open twice and to the nearest 1/16 of an inch.

Can you put a house window in an RV?

While this may seem like a ridiculous question, RVs and homes are more closely related than you may think. In any case, it is never recommended to try to install a house window into an RV.

House windows were engineered with materials, dimensions, and tolerances to fit into homes. Also, house windows are more expensive due to size, and most do not have tempered glass, so safety would be an issue.

Instead, you want a window that was designed to fit and function in an RV, plus you gain the numerous styles that RV windows offer.

Who should order double pane RV windows?

RV window with a breathtaking view of a lake.

While double pane RV windows offer the best security, durability, and insulation, they are also the most expensive.

Therefore, double pane RV windows are best for those who enjoy camping in extreme temperatures since they seal in warmth during the frigid months, keep warm air outside during the hot months, and reduce condensation during the wet months. Those who like to camp year-round should invest in dual pane RV windows.

What finishes, and treatments are available for RV windows?

RV windows are incredibly versatile and offer a variety of finishes and treatments (decorative and functional) to improve your experience. Some prefer to install shades or blinds to the inside of the window to keep the sun out in the summer and heat in during the winter.

This is an especially important upgrade for those who have fixed picture windows that cannot open. Another treatment is to have the windows tinted or add a tinted film over the exterior of the window to block sun rays.

Additionally, you can add wood framing around the edges to improve the aesthetics, a window covering to reduce solar heat, and roller shades to improve privacy.

Can regular blinds be used in an RV?

Yes, almost any window shades or blinds can be used in an RV. To convert them from your residence to the RV, you must purchase hold-downs to keep their position maintained while driving. Of course, there are blinds made specifically for RVs.


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Poorly researched article. Under Tempered glass it shows a thermofomed acrylic / polycarbonate window. It also states tempered glass is treated with chemicals to make it break into cubes. It's actually a heat treating process, not a chemical process. And it also makes the glass stronger and less prone to breakage.