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Eight Excellent 2-Bedroom RVs

This is an interior look at a camper RV with a sleeping area that is open to the view of the mountains.

You are eager to hit the road and enjoy some quality time and adventure with your friends and family. Exploring the country is great if you have an RV or travel trailer. Not only can an RV give you the amenities of a home, but it can provide a comfortable, safe, and secure place to rest your head at night. Finding a 2 bedroom RV is essential for people who want to spread out with some privacy, but how do you know which 2 bedroom RV to choose? Below, let’s look at some of the top-rated 2 bedroom RVs available to adventurers.

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What is a 2 Bedroom RV?

Taking your adventure to the road as you drive throughout the country is a wonderful experience to share with friends and family. Having enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably is quite another story, though. Traveling in an RV or travel trailer can leave you tight on space and lacking privacy.

While many travel trailer options feature at least one bedroom, a 2 bedroom RV features two separate sleeping areas. Not only does this expand your available accommodations to allow more people to join you on your adventure, but it helps to improve privacy between parties. Many 2 bedroom RV designs feature at least a sliding barn door, if not a proper folding door, to delineate the available bedroom space through the travel trailer.

Many 2 bedroom RV designs feature at least one master bedroom with a Queen or King-size bed. The other bedroom can either be another Queen-size bed or a set of bunk beds. Adding a second bunk room can allow you to maximize your sleeping capacity while still offering much-needed privacy.

Additionally, several 2 bedroom RV options will have additional sleeping rooms in the living area. The living area will usually feature a couch that can fold out to accommodate at least two additional people. This configuration is a great way to maximize your RV’s available space to have friends and family join you on your adventure.

Most 2 bedroom motorhome designs will have at least one full bathroom. A select few will have a two-bathroom design. Many of the camper options that feature two bathrooms will have one master bathroom, complete with a shower, connected to the master bedroom, while a second-half bath is usually connected to the room that has the bunk beds. This bunkhouse travel trailer design is perfect for those traveling with children or teenagers. Choosing a 2 bedroom RV requires a larger floorplan, but several lightweight options are available to reduce the camper weight towed behind your truck.

Grand Design Transcend

This is a close look at the interior of a Grand Design Transcend with a living room area.

With a great name in the industry, Grand Design has created a spacious RV that offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms. With an innovative floorplan that allows for additional usable space, the Grand Design Transcend is a great RV model that will allow you plenty of room for your entire family to spread out.

The Transcend trailer is large, 36 feet long, with a weight close to 8,000 pounds. This large trailer certainly gives you the room to spread out, but you must make sure you have a suitable tow vehicle to carry this large travel trailer from place to place. Have a large truck with enough towing capacity before purchasing this large and heavy RV.

With multiple floorplan options to choose from, this travel trailer model has a master bedroom and a bunkhouse. The master bedroom features one Queen-sized bed, as well as overhead storage and a closet. The second bedroom is a bunkhouse. Compared to other bunkhouse designs that position the bunk beds across from one another in the bunk room, this design places the two bunk beds in an L-Shape. This design gives additional room to use the bunkhouse for relaxing and recreational activities.

Further, the bunkhouse does not have a separate door like other two-bedroom RV designs. While this sacrifices some privacy, it does allow more open and usable space. With the bunkhouse open to the living room, you will feel less confined with more room to spread out. This trade-off also offers more room for closet space, allowing you to keep your belongings safely stored away.

The living room and kitchen are large and spacious, offering all the amenities you would come to expect of a luxury travel trailer. The kitchen features a refrigerator, cooktop, oven, sink, and plenty of counter space. The living room area and the dinette area can convert to additional sleeping space if you have several people planning to spend the night.

This travel trailer really helps to set itself apart from the competition with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. One bathroom is a full bath, featuring a shower, sink, toilet, and counter space. The second bath, attached to the bunkhouse, is a half-bath with a sink and toilet. Although this travel trailer does not have two full bathrooms, simply having an additional toilet and sink in the trailer can help make the trailer feel less crowded when filled with friends and family.

The travel trailer created by Grand Design also features convenient USB ports scattered throughout the trailer to allow you to stay connected and charged. This trailer also features two televisions, one in the living area and a second in the master bedroom. Enjoy cable television hook-ups and even a pet-friendly drawer in the kitchen to keep your furry friends happy on your adventure across the country.

Grand Design Reflections

This is a close look at the interior of a Grand Design Reflections with a bedroom.

Grand Design is a long-trusted brand of travel trailer manufacturer that focuses its sights on high-quality trailers. The high quality and attention to detail are apparent on every design detail throughout this roomy and comfortable RV option. Between the large space with plenty of sleeping options, the Grand Design Reflections travel trailer can comfortably sleep up to 10 people in its largest model.

This travel trailer features 2 bedrooms in the design. The first bedroom features a large Queen size bed. The second bedroom has a room with bunkbeds, called a bunkhouse. This floorplan will allow all members of your family space to spread out while still giving adults and children privacy throughout the travel trailer. Each bedroom gives you room to unpack and settle in. Expect loads of overhead storage and dual nightstands in the bedroom. The bedrooms also feature a wardrobe that will allow you to store hanging clothes.

The bunkhouse room in this travel trailer acts as a second living space. In addition to the spacious bunk beds, owners will be able to enjoy a bunk that flips up as well as a tri-fold sofa. Use the tri-fold sofa to relax and enjoy time spent with friends, or utilize this space as an additional sleeping room. The bunkhouse provides a private space for teenagers to enjoy some independence.

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The living and kitchen areas are equally well-designed, featuring a U-shaped dinette that can easily convert to additional sleeping space or be used as additional space for the living room. The kitchen features a full-size refrigerator, cooktop, sink, and endless counter space. Preparing and cooking a meal in this large kitchen can feel just like cooking at home. Plus, with the kitchen close to the dinette, people will feel connected to their family as they prepare their delicious meals.

Another great feature of this travel trailer is the large bathroom. Enjoy a shower, sink, and toilet as well as an expansive counter area. This design will allow you to spread out your toiletries and make yourself comfortable. Compared to other RVs and travel trailers with 2 bedrooms, the Reflections model has the largest bathroom option.

The outside of this travel trailer focuses on the little details and provides ample space for you to enjoy some outdoor living. The travel trailer has an outdoor kitchen, as well as an available automatic awning to allow you to cook rain or shine. Enjoy upgraded features like a Bluetooth speaker system and available television antenna hook-ups.

Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite

This is a close look at the interior of a Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite with a dining and living area.

If you are looking for a lightweight yet spacious travel trailer, the Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite may be an excellent choice. Boasting a large footprint but lightweight, this travel trailer features two full bedrooms allowing you to spread out and keep your privacy. The Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite is a luxury travel trailer that offers many of the amenities of the home.

The two-bedroom model is designed to allow your family or guests to spread out while still providing privacy. The master bedroom features a Queen size bed. This room also has plenty of storage and closet space, allowing you to pack away your belongings neatly. Two adults can comfortably sleep in the master bedroom. The second bedroom is a bunkhouse that has rear slideouts. This bed design gives you the space you need and helps reduce weight, keeping this travel trailer in an ultra-lite weight class.

The common areas in this travel trailer include the living room, dinette, and kitchen. The kitchen features a side-by-side refrigerator, oven, cooktop, sink, and expansive counter space. The dinette is U-Shaped and can be converted to an additional sleeping room if needed. The living room area features a sofa and large 40-inch television. The furniture and cabinets featured in the Grand Design Transcend are all upgraded finishes, giving you the luxury and comfort you crave.

The outside of this travel trailer is just as luxurious as the interior. This travel trailer features pass-through storage areas making it super convenient to load and unload your belongings. There is also a dorm-sized refrigerator for the outdoor space, able to keep your beverages cold. The entire travel trailer is prepped with 4G WiFi, allowing you to stay connected even as you travel the country.

Forest River Alpha Wolf

This is the interiors of the Forest River Alpha Wolf with a dining booth.

As a leading RV manufacturer, Forest River blows away expectations for a two-bedroom RV with their Alpha Wolf model. With plenty of customization available, and loads of room to spread out, this small RV can easily sleep 8 people.
This travel trailer from Forest River features two bedrooms. Both bedrooms have a Queen size bed, able to accommodate two adults each. Plus, the bedrooms are located on opposite ends of the trailer, providing plenty of privacy and separation. With the convertible dinette and sofa in the living, you can easily sleep 8 adults in this trailer.

Each bedroom is equipped with plenty of storage options providing overhead space for all your belongings. The master bedroom features television and two spacious closets. The second bedroom features one closet and a nightstand. The second bedroom is partitioned off from the rest of the area with a space-saving sliding barn door. Use this convenient and super trendy design feature to get your privacy and save much-needed space in your RV floorplan.

The bathroom is a spacious design and gives you plenty of room to spread out. There is a toilet, sink, shower, tub combination, and plenty of storage space with the medicine cabinet and toiletry space. Accommodating up to 8 guests in your travel trailer is easy with such a large bathroom space that allows people the space they need.

The Alpha Wolf kitchen will leave cooks delighted with the full-size refrigerator, cooktop, oven, microwave, and storage space. The kitchen is located in this RV center, giving a communal living and dining area for all guests to enjoy.

One of the best features of the Alpha Wolf travel trailer is the dual entrances. Enjoy a single exterior entrance to the bathroom and a second located in the RV center. Not only does it make it convenient to go to the restroom from the outside, but it reduces the amount of dirt, debris, and traffic moving through your RV. Have dirty kids and pets go straight to the bathroom without tracking mud through your home away from home.

Forest River Wildwood

This is a woman laying on the bed of the Forest River Wildwood RV.

The Forest River Wildwood travel trailer is an excellent choice for people who need additional room to spread out. Forest River has long been a staple manufacturer in the RV market and has not disappointed with this versatile, convenient, and fully customizable design.

There are several available floor plan options to choose from, some featuring a second bedroom. The two-bedroom model offers plenty of room for family members to spread out and maintain some level of privacy. A second bedroom can be a bunk bed or a Queen-size bed, perfect for adults and older children. Further, some Forest River Wildwood design models feature a bunkhouse, providing bunk beds for children. Bunk beds are Twin size mattresses and suitable for single adults or children.

This trailer comes in several size options that are dependent on the chosen floorplan. This 2 bedroom RV measures 26 feet long at its smallest size, while the largest floorplan and model available measures 39 feet. This travel trailer also has high ceilings, over 6 feet, making it desirable for taller folks.

When it comes to a two-bedroom design, choose the 37BHSS2Q model. This unique design features two full bedrooms, each with a Queen-sized bed. Another option is the bunkhouse variety, the 36BHDS model, which comes with two sets of bunk beds offering plenty of room to spread out in the dedicated bunk room.

This travel trailer comes with many modern amenities allowing you to live in luxury as you travel the road. Enjoy a spacious bathroom featuring a shower, sink, and toilet, as well as an expansive kitchen. Enjoy upgraded cabinet drawers and modern cabinet knobs and pulls. Both bedrooms feature plenty of USB ports allowing you to charge and run all of your electronic devices. Another nice feature is this travel trailer has a 30-inch fireplace in the living room, giving you some cozy comforts of home.

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Highland Ridge RV Open Range

This is the interior of the Highland Ridge RV Open Range with a bed at the far end.

Although the Highland Ridge RV Open Range model is considered a lightweight vehicle, this RV gives you plenty of much-needed space to spread out with your entire family. The model is a two-bedroom design intended to give you additional sleeping space and much-needed privacy for your family members. With four available floorplan options to choose from, this RV allows you to have two bedrooms with a large bed or one bedroom with a dedicated bunkhouse design.

This lightweight trailer weighs just over 1,000 pounds giving you options to use an SUV or small truck as the tow vehicle. At a whopping 38 feet long, the lightweight does not sacrifice any interior space. Careful and thoughtful design has allowed this RV to stay in the ultra-light category while still providing all the home’s luxury conveniences.

The Open Range RV was designed with tall people in mind. The trailer boasts a large 7-foot ceiling height, making it feel roomy and comfortable inside. With the bedrooms located on opposite ends of the trailer, adults and young children can get plenty of privacy, with only a shared kitchen and living room area in the center of this recreational vehicle.

For those looking for even more room to spread out, consider the OT328BHS model. This model features not only two bedrooms but also two bathrooms. The master bathroom features a sink, toilet, shower, and vanity, while the second bathroom is smaller. The second bathroom, which is connected to the bunkhouse, has a sink, vanity, and toilet but lacks a shower. Still, with two bathroom options, your guests will get the privacy they crave.

The bunk room bedroom features two bunkbed options. One bunk bed is a lower dinette area that can easily be converted to additional sleeping space. Using the dinette area during the day can help free up some necessary floor space that can be utilized for relaxing and hanging out in the living area. The master bedroom has a Queen-sized bed that can be converted to a King-sized bed, comfortably accommodating two adults. All told, this travel trailer can accommodate up to 10 people sleeping comfortably.

If you travel with your pets, strongly consider this model of RV. Several design features make this RV attractive for pet owners. First, there is no carpet to be found throughout the entire model, making clean up a breeze with muddy and dirty pets. Plus, the travel trailer even comes equipped with a dog bed, making Fido perfectly comfortable in his home.

Prime Time Avenger ATO

This is a close look at the bedroom of the Prime Time Avenger ATO RV.

Prime Time is not a widely known RV ma manufacturer, but they understand the RV lifestyle quite well. Offering a small, lightweight travel trailer option that still gives you plenty of room to spread out, the Avenger ATO is perfect for families to enjoy their time together in the great outdoors.

This travel trailer is only 28 feet long, making it one of the shorter travel trailer options on our list. Having a shorter trailer length can make it easier to navigate and make it easier to find available campsites to accommodate a small trailer size. Further, this trailer’s dry weight is under 5,000 pounds, making it easy to tow behind your truck.

This two-bedroom trailer features a master bedroom that is equipped with a Queen-sized bed. At the opposite end of the trailer, you can find double bunk beds to accommodate an additional two people. The living room area can convert to an extra bed if needed for a small child. All told, this travel trailer will be able to accommodate 7 people comfortably.

While doors do not separate the sleeping areas, the couch is positioned lengthwise at the foot of the master bedroom, providing a limited amount of privacy. The travel trailer also features a stocked kitchen with a refrigerator, cooktop, microwave, and overhead storage. The bathroom is equally large with a shower and tub combination, toilet, sink, and plenty of room to stow away your necessary toiletries.

Although this is an ideal, affordable, and lightweight travel trailer with two dedicated sleeping areas, this travel trailer may not be as luxurious as other available models on the market. Expect basic finishes throughout the interior space. Further, to reduce the overall weight of the trailer, this

Jayco Jay Feather

This is a close look at the interior bedroom of the Jayco Jay Feather RV.

If you are looking for an affordable yet spacious RV to take your whole family adventuring, be sure to check out the Jayco Jay Feather RV option. This trailer is a large and spacious RV that will not break the bank, offering affordable options and a fully customizable floorplan. With two bedrooms, this large floorplan allows all the members of your family to have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy.

In total, the Jayco Jay Feather will accommodate up to 9 people sleeping in this travel trailer. The one-bedroom will accommodate 2 people in the Queen sized bed, while the bunk bedroom can easily accommodate 3 more people between the available beds. Further, the dinette and living room area with the fold-out sleeper sofa will accommodate 4 more people. Whether you have a big family or plan to adventure with your best friends, this travel trailer will give you plenty of options to find the proper sleeping arrangements for your guests.

Owners will be delighted at the large living room and kitchen area. This RV features a U-shaped dinette that offers a big table to allow people to play games or eat a hearty meal. The kitchen features a cooktop, refrigerator, sink, and pantry area. There is plenty of overhead storage to allow you to stow away your ingredients, meals, and belongings.

This travel trailer really sets itself apart from the competition with the exterior options to allow you to utilize more of your living space. The trailer features two separate awnings, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors through all weather conditions. Further, this two-bedroom RV also features an outdoor kitchen which is perfect for grilling dinner.


Choosing an RV or travel trailer for your family can be difficult. There are so many options available that choosing the right RV can be overwhelming. With the number of available features, the sleeping configuration, and the optional features you can add to your RV, it is quite easy to become overwhelmed. Luckily, we have put together a list of commonly asked questions related to 2 bedrooms RVs and travel trailers. By reading through some common questions people have regarding the 2 bedroom RV, we hope to clarify the best RV or travel trailer for your needs.

Is there an RV with 2 bedrooms?

Just because you are traveling in an RV does not mean you have to sacrifice luxury, comfort, and privacy. While some RV styles feature just one bedroom or a Murphy bed to accommodate additional guests, some RVs are designed with a large family in mind, featuring two full bedrooms.

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Generally speaking, 2 bedrooms RVs come in two floorplan options. The first option features two identical bedrooms located on opposite ends of the camper. Each bedroom will typically have at least a Queen-sized bed for added comfort. This layout is ideal for two couples traveling together or a family with teenage children.

The second option for a 2 bedroom floor plan features one master bedroom and a bunkhouse room. The master bedroom will typically have a Queen-sized or King-sized bed, while the bunkhouse will feature stacked bunk beds. The bunk beds can be accessed from an internal ladder. Some designs feature a couch or futon that can transform into two sets of bunk beds, providing even more sleeping options.

While 2 bedroom RVs usually give families plenty of room to spread out, many floorplans will provide you with even more additional space. Utilizing the dinette area or the living room sofa is the perfect way to get up to 4 more sleeping spaces, comfortably accommodate young children. Many 2 bedroom RV models will max out at 10 people, plenty for your and your family to enjoy some time together in the great outdoors.

How much does a 2 bedroom RV cost?

When it comes to pricing an RV, the sky is truly the limit. It is possible to get a lightweight, small travel trailer for around $10,000. Expect limited finishes, privacy, and sleeping options. At most, a $10,000 RV may accommodate 4 people comfortably.

A mid-range 2 bedroom RV will cost around $40,000. This price is for a medium-size travel trailer around 35 feet long. The travel trailer will have nice finishes and finishes and may even feature some high-tech design items like large television screens, an integrated stereo system, and WiFi. This price range is typical for people who want to get the most use out of the small RV without going overboard.

Some extensive 2 bedroom RVs can cost upwards of $300,000. Many of these RVs feature high-end finishes, solid wood construction, and luxury items. Expect all the bells and whistles for $300,000 and a fully customized and technologically advanced RV.

Are there RVs with 2 bathrooms?

Of course, having two bedrooms is nice to spread out and enjoy some privacy, but limiting your interior options with just a single bathroom can feel cramped and packed with all the additional people. Luckily, there are a handful of RV companies that make a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom RV.

Both the Forest River Open Range and the Grand Design Transcend model feature two bathrooms. Both of these will have a full bath with a shower, sink, toilet, and counter space attached to the master bedroom. An additional half bathroom, with just a sink and toilet, is attached to the bunkhouse or second bedroom.

How do you pick an RV with 2 bedrooms?

Choosing an RV is a big decision because of the financial investment and the regular use your RV will get. A 2 bedroom travel trailer is a tough choice because you are trying to choose comfortable accommodations for the entire family. When it comes time to choose an RV with 2 bedrooms, think about how your family will most likely use the space.

If you have teenage children, you may want to opt for a 2 bedroom RV with two Queen-sized beds. If you have younger children, a room with bunk beds might accommodate your family better. Also, think about the potential to have additional family and friends visit. You may want the option to use the dinette or sofa in the living room for additional sleeping areas.

Also, consider any additional features that you may want to have in your RV. Features for pets, like integral dog beds, may be nice if you plan on traveling with Fido. If outdoor space is important to you, choose an RV with an awning, outdoor speaker system, or perhaps an outdoor kitchen.

Lastly, consider how important a bathroom is to you and your family. You may be well suited to use just one large bathroom in your RV space. If you have older children, though, having at least two bathrooms may make more sense. Pay particular attention to the fixtures within the bathroom. A shower may be more economical, but having a bathtub is ideal for pets and small children. Luckily, there are plenty of 2 bedroom RV models that include 2 bathrooms to allow you and your family to spread out.

Which RV has the biggest bathroom?

Having a large bathroom is essential for families traveling with several people. Not only will it give you room to spread out with additional privacy, but it will also give you additional storage for linens, towels, and toiletries. When it comes to a large single bathroom, both the Jayco Feather and the Alpha Wolf model have great options. The Jayco Feather design features a roomy tub and shower combination, while the Alpha Wolf model features a bathroom with dual entrances, making it convenient to access from the outdoors.

For large spaces, the Grand Design Reflections model has the largest bathroom design. Not only does this bathroom have a shower, sink, and toilet, but it has a medicine cabinet and additional storage space to allow you to stow away all of your toiletries and towels.

Further, if you need even more space to spread out, consider opting for an RV model with two bathrooms, such as the Grand Design Transcend model. This RV features a full bathroom attached to the master bedroom and a half bathroom attached to the second bedroom. Utilizing two bathrooms is ideal for giving adults and teenagers plenty of space to spread out. Two bathrooms can also help manage traffic flow through your RV, especially if you have 8 or more people in your camper.

Is renting an RV worth it?

Determining if renting an RV is worth it really comes down to how much you plan to use your RV. If you are taking a one-time family vacation, renting an RV makes the most sense. RVs are extremely expensive and would be a waste of money if you only plan to use the RV once. Alternatively, renting an RV may be costly if you plan to rent the RV for an extended period of time or frequently.

Regular weekend trips with the family in the camper can make it well worth purchasing an RV. Remember, purchasing an RV may be a good investment, but you will also need a strong truck to tow the RV, as well as a place to store your RV when it is not in use.  Think about how often your RV will be used before taking the plunge on a large financial investment.