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10 Different Types of RV Furniture

Interior of a luxury RV.

For avid travelers, nothing sounds better than going on a long road trip and exploring new and historic cities. However, one thing that frequent explorers crave for during their extensive travels is the comfort of their home. If you have been on an exploring spree, you can totally understand what we mean. Lounging on your comfy sofa, sleeping in your own bed with your favorite pillow, having delicious home-made food, and basically living a secured life at your own place are some of the things that you start missing when you are away from your home sweet home.

But with an RV, all of these persistent longings can be put to a halt as it features a large space, serving perfectly as a home on wheels! RV owners turn this humongous area into their house-like space so that they can relax and unwind as they would prefer to do so at their own homes. Generally, RVs accommodate rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms to give it an outlook similar to that of a house. And as a house is incomplete without proper furniture, an RV is also empty without good furniture. Mind you, you can’t put your home’s furniture in your RV as its heavyweight may weigh the RV down. An RV requires lightweight furniture that should also be high-end so that it stays functional for a long period of time.

If you are wondering what types of furniture you should get for your RV, this blog post will serve as a helpful guide. Read on to discover all kinds of RV furniture that an RV owner must take into consideration.

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1. Adjustable Beds

RV with a bed, pillows, and guitar

While many modern recreational vehicles come with a bed that can support a mattress, the sleeping area is always smaller. And hence, your home’s bed won’t be a befitting choice for your RV. Specialty mattresses with comfort layers and support cores provide the best sleeping experience in an RV. But if you are looking something more effective than normal beds, you should consider getting adjustable beds in a size well in accordance with your RV – from small to medium to large to anything in between.

As the name suggests, adjustable beds can be adjusted to any position you want and offer massage options, too, promoting quality sleep while on the road. These beds are super versatile in the sense that they can be changed into a sofa or a chair whenever you want.

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Having this type of two-in-one furniture will not only help you save money but will also spare enough space for other essential commodities to be adjusted in your RV. Some convertible beds also come with a USB port, so this could help you perform other crucial activities like charging up your mobile phone. Talk about convenience!

2. Dinette Furniture

RV Dinette

Every reader will agree that traveling for a long time can make you feel super hungry. This is the reason why in most RVs, the dinette is the central area. This part of the RV is not only where you can have your meals but spend some quality family time and perform occasional work. Owing to its undeniable significance, it makes sense to have proper dinette furniture in your RV. Since RVs have tiny spaces, you will want to ensure that the furniture you opt for is as striking looking as possible.

There are certain special considerations you will have to take into account when deciding your ultimate RV dinette. For example, you will have to make sure that the furniture you opt for is easy to maintain as things may get super tacky sooner than you expect. It is more likely for food to fall or drinks to spill on the ground, considering that the RV will be moving and that too, probably on high speed. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you opt for an easy-to-maintain dinette. It also has to be lightweight and durable as this will help keep your RV less heavy too. For your dinette, you can consider the following types of furniture:

Dinette Booth

RV Dining Nook

Dinette booth comes with a dining table and a dining chair that can also later be used as a sofa. If you want this kind of feasibility, make sure to go for dining chairs that look like a sofa with cushions.

Depending on the size, your dinette booth can accommodate as few as two people to as many as five to six people. Both the table and chair of the booth are lightweight, so it takes minimal effort to move or set them up. Despite being light in weight, they provide the maximum amount of support to the dining set.

Folding Table and Chair

Folding Table and Chairs

Like many dinette booths that can convert into a bed or sofa, folding tables or chairs do not offer any such elaborate features. They are plain, minimalistic, and super affordable. If your RV is small, then this simple furniture is just for you.

All you will be required to do is unfold them whenever you want and then fold them back once their use is over. In this way, they won’t be taking up space in your RV at all times.

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Mini Foldable StoolA Blue-Colored Mini Foldable Stool

This compact and portable stool can be converted into a mini table and vice versa. Their duality makes it the first choice among RV owners who prefer manageable and convenient furniture when traveling.

Although mini foldable stools are quite affordable, you may think them to lack quality. However, that’s not the case. These dual-featuring pieces of furniture are quite durable in nature. Their strong and sturdy steel frame is specifically designed to withstand any rough use during traveling outdoors.

3. ReclinersLeather Recliner

Getting dog-tired or fatigued is part and parcel of traveling. Driving for an extensive amount of time or exploring places wherever you go can exhaust you and you may long for a comfortable sofa to sit back on and unwind yourself. Therefore, it is important that you have a recliner in your RV as it will give the coziness and relaxation of your own home.

Visit your nearest furniture shop, and you will come across a wide range of stylish recliners, perfect for your RV; some of them are discussed in detail below:

Two-Position ReclinerStylish Two-Position Recliners

This is the most affordable recliner that, unfortunately, comes in limited colors, designs, and sizes. Please note that this type of recliner requires ample space as it needs more room for the reclining and footrest position. Hence, they are considered ideal for bigger RVs.

As indicated by the name, two-position recliners boast two seating positions – recline and upright. In order to recline, you will need to release the footrest of the recliner with the help of a lever. By doing so, the chair will move back as you put your body weight. Wherever you situate your recliner, make sure it is away from the wall as it will need some space to recline.

Rocker ReclinerA Brown Recliner Chair

Slightly pricier than the two-position recliner, a rocker recliner is another popular type of recliner. When seated upright, the user can rock it back and forth with different kinds of handle options. Also known as “wall-saver” recliners, these recliners are best suited for smaller spaces as they take up a very tiny room.

This recliner comes with numerous reclining angles; the most popular one is moving forward and backward in a straight position. This is the best choice for those who have problems falling asleep in a confined space, or mothers will small babies.

Push-Back ReclinerCream-Colored Push-Back Recliner

Also known as “flex-back recliners,” these super relaxing recliners provide the ultimate comfort to the user. All you have to do is push back in the seat, and the recliner will recline. However, these recliners lack a foot-rest essentially. If you want a foot-rest, you can opt for a recliner that exhibits an ottoman. Out of all the recliners, this one serves the best style and function to the user.

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Massage ReclinerA Massage Chair

This is the kind of recliner that will provide you with ultra comfort and relaxation during your long travel. Massage recliners help massage your calves and feet while also kneading, vibrating, and knocking them. This instantly releases you from all physical aches and charges you up for your next adventure in an instant!

Power Lift Recliners An RV Sectional Sofa

If you are traveling with your grandma or grandpa or an elderly member of the family, this is the kind of recliner you should invest in. While it is considered as expensive and versatile furniture, a power lift recliner is super functional. Due to its multi-functional attributes, RV owners do not feel any sort of hesitation when it comes to investing in this motorized recliner.

Riser recliners are the kinds of chair that lift upward, assisting you to get out of the chair with ease and comfort. This may also be ideal for those who have some sort of foot or back injury or disabilities.

Some other notable features include adjustable footrests, angles, and remote-controlled reclining positions. All of these properties make this RV recliner a better investment than the rest.

4. RV Sofas

A Power Lift Recliner

Just as a house may look amiss without sofas, similarly your RV’s interior won’t be complete without a cozy sofa. Sofas in an RV can serve as multi-purpose furniture as many of them come with a sofa-cum-bed feature. During the daytime, you can use this furniture for comfortable sitting and can also relax with your family members. But in the nighttime, you can easily change it into a bed and get a good night’s sleep.

When purchasing an RV sofa, keep in mind the size and space of your vehicle. You don’t want to get a large-sized sofa only to find that it doesn’t fit in your RV or make it appear too cramped up. In addition to the size, you will also have to ensure that you get a high-quality sofa which offers maximum comfort to the sitter.

Go for sofas that are made from super soft material, even if you get it in leather, make sure that the texture doesn’t feel uneven. Always touch and feel the material of the sofa you are about to invest in as it will give you a better idea of whether to go ahead and purchase it or keep searching for a better one.

If you have recently bought an RV or looking to revamp it, don’t forget to include these stylish pieces of furniture in your vehicle.

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