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8 Outstanding Teardrop Camper Kits

A teardrop trailer tied to a kombi van parked under a clear blue sky.

Teardrop campers got their name from the iconic tear-shaped profile that comprises of a large front section that tapers back towards the other end. They are one of the oldest types of recreational vehicles that became popular after the end of the Second World War and fell out of fashion during the ‘60s. With that said, teardrop campers are making a fast comeback and gaining popularity once again owing to the fact that they are perhaps the greatest way to go camping and take an adventurous vacation with minimal expenditure.

Teardrop campers are built for functionality. They feature accommodation for one to two people, are fully equipped with basic household necessities and are an extraordinary way for travelers to hit the road with minimum baggage.

What makes them such an extraordinary thing to invest in is the fact that they are a low cost and low impact solution to camping and road travels. Measuring a maximum of 5 foot wide, teardrop trailers have a compact stature. Also, they are quite lightweight and most of them can be easily towed by small cars or any other vehicle that you currently own.

Although various models of teardrop campers are commercially available, building a personal camper has its own appeal. Plus, it’s a great way to save money and customize the trailer whichever way you want.

Take a look at the top stores offering teardrop camper kits and accessories at an amazing price.

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Birch CampersBirch Campers website

Based in Philadelphia, Birch Campers is a team of skilled craftsmen and assemblers with a passion for constructing trailers, automotive fabrication and above all, helping others with a similar interest.

Sprig is the company’s flagship camping product that is available as a complete trailer (can be made to order) as well as sold in a pre-cut kit that can be easily assembled by the buyers themselves.

The basic kit includes everything from the basic wooden frames and steel beams to Lexan window, roof vent, doors, and other items needed to build your own teardrop camper. You can also add extra features such as kitchen cabinetry, rooftop rails for surfboards and kayaks, electrical supplies, and even propane stoves at the time of ordering your kit.

Besides a structurally integrated design and durability, the defining feature of the Sprig Kit is the fact that it requires absolutely no fabrication. Buyers can easily assemble the entire trailer in less than 50 hours and in case you face any trouble, help is readily available on their online forum.

This ultra-light model is designed via CAD and CNC manufactured to give the camper a super sleek finish without compromising on the functionality even a little bit.

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Chesapeake Light CraftChesapeake Light Craft website

Chesapeake Light Craft, known as CLC for short, prides itself for being one of the pioneers of boatbuilding supplies. This wooden boat company offers a variety of boat kits that help customers construct their own kayaks, canoes, sailboats, powerboats and other rowing crafts.

However, thanks to their strong interest in DIY projects, CLC also offers the best teardrop kits that you can find online. The CLC Teardrop Camper hardware package includes CAD designed and CNC-machined plywood, fiberglass, acrylic windows, door, galley hatch, hatch-lift pistons and the various nails, hinges, fasteners, and other materials needed to create a compact and cozy teardrop camper.

The CLC Teardrop Camper Base Kit is sold at a very reasonable price including the shipment fees although the shipping costs are slightly higher for regions such as California and the surrounding western states.

Add-on features for the basic kit include a galley storage module, roof racks, electrical system, extra ventilation options as well as an aluminum Trailex trailer so that you can hit the road as soon as the construction is complete.

All teardrop camper kits are shipped with a step-by-step user manual and an Epoxy kit.

Although the company is based in Annapolis, Maryland, CLC enjoy a worldwide prominence when it comes to building the best small boats and travel trailers. So, if you are looking for the ultimate teardrop camper plans, look no further than CLC.

The company also conducts classes in its Annapolis factory where registered participants can build their own teardrop campers under the supervision of expert instructors. Enroll today if you are apprehensive about building a teardrop camper on your own or lack the proper equipment or space needed for the job.

The TeardroppersThe Teardroppers website

The Teardroppers are best known for offering trailer kits that fit almost every level of camper build. Whether you are constructing a camper from scratch or looking for pre-cut materials to complete your project, The Teardroppers is the go-to store for any type of trailer build.

Starting at a throwaway price of only $150, their kits are no doubt one of the most cost-effective and popular items on the market. You can buy wooden or aluminum designs or choose a kit that provides you the design and patterns only. You can then take these patterns to a local workshop or use them to cut out the pieces by yourself. Alternatively, you can choose an all-inclusive kit that is shipped with all the pieces that you will need for the project.

All the products by The Teardroppers are designed for a standard 5 x 8 chassis, but they can be easily modified by the buyer to fit a 4 x 8 chassis as well. The budget-friendly kits also include LED lighting and are the ideal choice for camping in style.

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Big WoodyBig Woody website

At Big Woody, you can find pre-built campers as well as an array of teardrop camper kits that you can purchase to assemble one just the way you want. With the price for basic assembly totaling as little as $900, their base camper kits are a real steal. What makes Big Woody the ultimate stop for DIY teardrop trailers is their online store that features a range of different parts and accessories needed for constructing an impressive teardrop camper. The company offers great flexibility in terms of style, design, and, of course, functionality. Their kits consist of stand-alone items so that you can mix-and-match to build a fully customized teardrop camper. Here’s a brief description of some of Big Woody’s best-selling kits and what they each consist of.

  • Electrical Component Kit – battery box, power outlets, and inlets, patio lights, interior lights, vent, putty tape
  • Galley Kit – galley hinges, aluminum trim for galley floor and galley sides (items can be tailored to fit 4 foot-wide or a 5-foot wide teardrop camper)
  • Side Table Kit – two adjustable folding tables that can be attached to new or existing trailers
  • Weatherstrip and Hardware Kit – door stops, weatherstrips, hatch clasps, galley hatch handle, D-molding for fenders

You can buy the Basic Wood Components Kit that comes with only the pre-cut wooden panels needed to create the outer shell. For a more comprehensive solution, you can opt for the Big Woody Ultimate Kit. This inexpensive teardrop camper kit includes all the five sub-kits listed above and ships along with their teardrop camper plans.

MiniTearsMiniTears webiste

MiniTears is an exclusive trailer and camper based business owned by a couple in California. They design and build custom teardrop trailers for small cars besides selling kits for road trip enthusiasts to build one according to their own style and preferences.

The teardrop trailers at MiniTears are a unique alternative to RV camping or camping in traditional tents and come in a ready-to-use style with complete exterior and interior furnishings. However, owing to the tremendous increase in the popularity of do-it-yourself camper construction, the company has launched its own line of trailer kits to let people enjoy the fun-filled activity that building a utility trailer truly is.

If you are keen to make your own camper and can’t wait to begin using the new toolset that you just bought – MiniTears’s got you covered.

Their DIY trailer build kit features distinct categories so that you can buy specific parts that you may require to upgrade an existing teardrop camper or build one from scratch altogether.

Here’s the camper equipment that MiniTears provides at a really affordable price.

  • Plywood Package – includes high-quality plywood for the body parts and cabinet frames
  • Aluminum Package – pre-cut aluminum frames for walls, windows, and door
  • Body Package – moldings and trims, door and window hardware, weatherstrip sealants, fender mounted brackets and hardware, taillights, license plate and more
  • Frame Package – cut out frames and chassis hardware such as wiring loom and torsion axle
  • Electrical Package – battery, battery box, fuse box, wire
  • Cabinet Package – all cabinetry-related items
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TinycamperTinycamper website

Tinycamper offers trailer build kits with a variety of packages that range from body framework, chassis and exterior parts to electrical equipment and plumbing lines as well as fully customized packages made as per customer request. Their all-inclusive trailer kits are designed specifically to cater to amateur and expert DIY lovers.

TeardropsNWTeardropsNW website

Based in Salem, Oregon, TeardropsNW is a local factory that specializes in the design and production of customized teardrop campers that ‘go wherever adventure awaits.’

To build your own travel trailer, you will need a ready-to-roll frame available at the shop. The overall style and functionality of the teardrop trailer can be changed as per your liking by carefully choosing the set of custom options offered by TeardropsNW. Start with the basic shell and then add whatever features you prefer. Their online store comprises of endless camper parts and accessories including fine cabinetry, spacious storage items, stoves and ovens, tents and awnings as well as numerous lightning options and electrical hardware.

TeardropsNW also offers rentals. So, if you don’t want to be bothered by all that wood cutting, hammering and assembly details or want to try out a mini camper before finalizing the purchase, then hire a TeardropsN teardrop trailer today.

You can also request a tour of their campers to get some inspiration for creating your own road trip partner.

Note that TeardropsNW does not currently ship any item and buyers are requested to pick up their orders directly from the factory outlet.

TeardropBuilderTeardropBuilder website

Although TeardropBuilder does not offer teardrop kits for sale (only DIY camper plans), it deserves a special mention in this list because of the buzz it created in the teardrop camper build community.

The site is the creation of a handyman and teardrop enthusiast named Ryan who decided to document the entire journey of planning, designing and manufacturing his very own trailer which he calls the Wyoming Woody Teardrop Trailer. With hundreds of pictures, walk-through videos, step-by-step guidelines, and lots of other informational content, this site is a must-visit once you have you purchased your teardrop kit from elsewhere.

The website provides easy-to-understand teardrop camper plans that will enable you to create the trailer perfectly in the first attempt.

Building a teardrop trailer is fun and exciting. Spending big bucks on fancy trailers only to realize that it doesn’t even suit your needs is just throwing money down the drain. Consider creating your own mini camper from these easy-to-use and fun to assemble teardrop camper kits to road trip in style.