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3 Types of RV Sinks

RV Trailer interior featuring the cooktop and sink with a view to the bedroom.

As soon as summer approaches, the go-to activity for many families is hitting the road, and having the time of their life with their loved ones. The best way for a family to get all their other family members in one place would be with the help of an RV. Also known as a recreational vehicle, this type of trailer is designed to serve as a means of accommodation when you are traveling. Being behind the wheel of an RV can be quite intimidating for many people because of the responsibility it requires. Luckily, there are a few different types of RVs (such as campervans, motorhomes, popup camper, fifth wheel trailers, travel trailer, truck camper, and caravans) that can make the experience better and safer.

However, getting an RV is no big deal if you are not customizing it as per the needs of your family. The first thing you consider should be the sink in your RV, replacing the faucets can be the next item you replace. For rookies, choosing an RV sink can be a difficult task, which is why this article has everything you need to know about an RV sink and which one you should get your hands on. Apart from providing you with a variety of different types of RV sinks that can be installed as bathroom sinks or as RV kitchen sinks, we have a few options for you as well.

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Understanding the Different Types of RVs

Parked RVs

Before purchasing an RV sink, it is important for you to determine what kind of RV you have. A Class A RV is the biggest kind of RV available in the market, and it goes up to almost 45 feet in length. The common thought would be that Class C RVs would be the smallest, when in reality; Class B RVs are the smallest. A Class B RV is constructed on a van chassis. This means that this would be the vehicle that is in the middle of a large van and an RV. A Class C RV measures from somewhere from 20 feet to 34 feet, making it a medium-sized RV.

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A Few Questions That Need To Be Answered Before the Purchase

Stainless steel RV sink

It is crucial to do thorough research before you purchase a sink for your RV. The following questions will allow you to get a better understanding of what type of sink is required by your RV.

  • What kind of sink is already installed in your RV?
  • Are these sinks stained, chipped, or discolored?
  • Is the size of the sink fine?
  • Do you have any built-in sink covers? Do you want to get them?
  • What about the shower faucet? What condition is the shower faucet in?
  • Is there a shower faucet drip in your RV?
  • Is the water pressure fine?
  • Do you want to replace the counter tops?
  • Is there anything you like or dislike about the sink that is already installed in the RV?
  • Do you have a budget?

Look Into the Different Materials

Different materials on the ground

RV sinks are available in many different kinds of materials. These materials range from stainless steel options to more long-lasting options like plastic. When you are making a decision of what kind of material you would want your RV sink to be made out of, you need to make sure you are looking into the durability of each material. Moreover, when you are choosing the ideal material, you need to determine how often the sink will be used.

For example, if there is a family with little kids who go on RV trips almost every weekend, the best option would be a stainless steel sink. The reason for this is that a stainless steel sink can take a lot of wear or tear.

Types of RV Sinks

Stainless steel RV sink


When it comes to changing, replacing, or upgrading the sink in your RV, there are many different options available for you to choose from. The three main types of RV sinks that are available commonly in the market would be stainless steel sinks, acrylics sinks, and plastic sinks. A plastic sink is the most commonly found and cheapest sink option when it comes to purchasing a sink for your RV. It is also the best option for families that are looking for a pocket-friendly solution.

To make things easier on your end, we have listed a few pros and cons of each sink type so you can choose according to your needs. Moreover, it is important to remember that you need to purchase a sink based on the amount of space you have in the RV. Do not choose a sink that adds aesthetic values because it will not be the right option for the RV you have and it will lead to wasting unnecessary amounts of money.

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Plastic RV Sinks

Class B RV with plastic sink

A plastic RV sink is considered as the least resistant option out of all the options available. A plastic RV sink is already installed in RVs that are on the cheaper side. The reason why the RV manufacturers install plastic sinks is that they are a necessary amenity and they can install it without having to splurge too much on the installing procedures. The issue with a plastic RV sink is that it gets very easily damaged with the slightest movement and inconveniences. This could include the way you are driving or how many times a day the sink is being used. Lastly, an RV plastic sink can crack and break quite easily as well. When the plastic sink breaks, it becomes unusable, which means you will need to invest in a new sink because these sinks cannot be repaired.

If you want a plastic RV sink that is of high quality and durable, it is important to avoid plastic sinks.

Acrylic RV Sinks

White acrylic sink

Acrylic RV sinks are very closely like plastic sinks but there is a twist. Unlike plastic RV sinks, acrylic sinks are made with acrylic which is a material that is shatterproof. Sinks made out of this material are pocket friendly and durable. In addition, they are considered as the best options for those individuals that are interested in replacing or upgrading their RV sinks. A great part about these sinks is that they are available in different colors and patterns, which could a beautiful element to your RV.

The issue related to these acrylic RV sinks is that they are very much like plastic sinks, which means the cheaper options, could crack and break as the plastic ones do. On the other hand, there are a lot of different acrylic RV sinks available, which means with the right choice, you will be able to get the best one. All you have to make sure about is that the one you choose should be compatible with your RV and it should fit right.

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Stainless Steel RV Sinks

Stainless steel sink in an RV

The best, most durable, and the most aesthetically appealing RV sink option would be the stainless steel ones. The reason why stainless steel RV sinks are so highly recommended is that they are high quality, bacteria resistant, durable, and add a beautiful touch to wherever they are being installed. A great part about investing in a stainless steel RV sink would be that there are many companies that provide custom fit facilities. What they do is, they come into your camper, take measurements, and make a sink that would fit perfectly.

If you are in search of an RV sink that looks good while serving its purpose to the fullest, the best option for you would be to invest in a stainless steel RV sink.

There are a few RV sinks that are made out of fiberglass, but they can be on the expensive side.

Where Can You Get an RV Sink From

Person purchasing RV sink

When it comes to RV sinks, there are a few dealers that have a couple of options for you, and they are available online or in stores. When you are on the search for the perfect RV sink, it is important to be fully aware of the model, year, and make of the sink so you can choose accurately. Despite the mode of purchasing, whether you are purchasing it online or in stores, it is important to take the design and manufacturer’s reputation in mind. Moreover, if you have time on your hands, do a little research so you can make the right choice instead of wasting your money.


With all this information on hand for you, it will be possible for you to choose the best RV sink for yourself. However, if you are a rookie purchasing for the first time, make sure you are getting a professional to install it for you. Most RV owners make the mistake of installing a kitchen or bathroom sink in their RV themselves and it leads to disaster. To make sure you are on the safe side, call in a professional so your sink can be installed properly.

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